The Fearsome Den of 40 Virgins. PART 1

People who have gone to it in some degree and depth tell us that the human body has well over 206 bones; not counting sesamoids bones and some ossicles.  To this fantastic incredible maze add a couple of organs: a heart and its attendant ventricles, an aorta, plumbings, pipes and fittings and a number of other varied thingummies.  Follow me closely here for we are getting, if you will, the heart and hub of the matter.

All these various stations present a weak link a point that can crash, malfunction or stop all together like a torrent of young love,  causing small men and kings, whores and Queens alike to moan like babies; and it is not in frequent, predictable or wholly preventable.  More or less stern, uncertain, with the unpredictability of Noah’s flood or more closely, so out  the blue like the rummy time a bull chased me on difficult  terrain at  a college farm in Ngo Col.

Our attendant reluctant guest at this edifice, inter alia, Robert, Brown, Mukongole, Recalcitrant Herrsman and the 52 year old centurion among others all gave compelling and telling exhibitions that sparked this dull missive. But where does the missive start?

Situations compelled me to act attendant to a dearest one recently.  I had done this errand before and it was in the confines of a private room.  Circumstances conspired to treat me to an unparalleled adventure in what can be construed as a den of the white coats, blue, pink and white dresses.