Behavior Breeds Behavior

Clustered in the dingy desks at BRPS we were taught of all the primal emotions. love, fear, respect , hate and hunger. Of these the most natural  is hunger.  When you are hungry you are hungry….

Love, fear, respect are removed  from instinct and are more nurtured.  They proceed from choice  and can be built  or destroyed. ..they cannot be commanded and must of necessity  be invoked by mutual  consideration  of the stakeholders.

Previous missives have summarily  discussed the matter of love and lies and how closely they mirror  oil  and water. Trust  me a cámel, indeed two camels, can more easily pass through  the eye of the needle than sustaining love and lies.

Latinos have since commented, ” bella parole non poscono il gelati” Good words do not feed a cat and so it is. The measure is behavior and action.  Ah well what  must be must be.  Let us make hay while  we must and develop meaningful synergies with those  who matter.