Trust Your Gut….its all that counts

A call from the Septuagenarian gave premonition  of a dark sinister something.  I picked up the phone and weakness was manifesting itsself in his voice. “Michael, am not feeling well!” I wrapped up my affairs and proceeded to his abode. 

The old Lion of Pajule mirrored a shadow of himself. His once great  frame reduced and his demeanour  weak and desolate. That he could not bipedal on his  own accord wrecked this troubadours heart.  We carried ourselves to a hospital  in Bugoolobi…each lost in his own thoughts.

At the hospital before any activity  could be conducted money had to change  hands.  Register here pay 25000 Ughs.   We are going to run four test, go pay at the accounts then bring the reciept.  We forgot one test go and pay 10000.  Now before the patient has been treated,  tested 100k had shifted pockets.  Well a barrage  of tests were conducted. Each returned dubious foreboding.

The Doctor  read the results. …”..hmmmm” he said.  Uhmmmm he continued.  At that point  he wrote his diagnosis  and directed us to go to the cashier and get treatment.  I never knew cashier to be adept in treatment .  And so reaching  the cashier doubts set in and some other  curious matters compelled  me to turn my nose at his 239,000 USh bill.

We stalked  out of the bally joint.  Our first port of call was a pharmacist who after weighing all the odds refused to sell us medicine and instead recommended us to go and seek another processional  opinion. Benon, that buddy of mine, recommended a small Catholic Establishment called Zia something in Namugongo. 

These Zia chaps are from a different planet. Even before assuring  themselves of our  bona fides they had got the patient in the Doctor’s  room and where pawing him with professional diligence. No one asked for money apriori.  Leaving Doctor’s office the patient  is directed , not to the cashier’s office, but to a treatment room! I was bowled.

By the  time the cashier got wind of our presence the patient  had finished several healing  portents.   Even then the bill manifested  itself at a third of the one at Bugoolobi.

The Zia chap then dropped a bombshell….you need to see a cardiologist! How could the bally chaps at Bugoolobi failed to see this!  Fortunately am a member of one the greatest invention in the era of information advancement.  The great NACOBA forum!  I was directed to Dr Kayima  who admitted  the patient in site at Platinum Hospital. Its day two and the patient has been attended two and no one is hounding me like  a shylock.   We have some great professionals in this country and we have some people who should  not be allowed to treat a brick.