The Ingenious Man from De La Mancha

Imprisoned for one vulgarity or another history profited from the plight of Miguel Cervantes.  In the darkness of his tunnel he freed from the recesses of his mental frame the ingenious yarn of Don Quixote- for who the English is forever indebted for his lucidity of thought and clarity of mind.  If you have ever used the word quixotic then you know where the word originated.

In attempting to revive the old trade of chivalry he bestrode the earth, flying in the face of perilous adventures and malevolent enchanters.  To site but one interim example is his unparalleled defence for the office of pimp.  And in the same vein ridicule the sorcerer.  It now happened that our famous knight having approached a group of prisoners who were being led to the gallows chanced on one who was accused of being a “body broker” or in morden parlance a pimp.  The unfortunate charlatan was simultaneously charged with sorcery. Where upon our knight of unparalleled reknown rendered the following arguement.

If that touch had not been thrown in,” said Don Quixote, “be would not deserve, for mere pimping, to row in the galleys, but rather to command and be admiral of them; for the office of pimp is no ordinary one, being the office of persons of discretion, one very necessary in a well-ordered state, and only to be exercised by persons of good birth; nay, there ought to be an inspector and overseer of them, as in other offices, and recognised number, as with the brokers on change; in this way many of the evils would be avoided which are caused by this office and calling being in the hands of stupid and ignorant people, such as women more or less silly, and pages and jesters of little standing and experience, who on the most urgent occasions, and when ingenuity of contrivance is needed, let the crumbs freeze on the way to their mouths, and know not which is their right hand.

He then went forth and degenerated the mal eleves who turned to sorcery.

“…all I say now is, that the additional fact of his being a sorcerer has removed the sorrow it gave me to see these white hairs and this venerable countenance in so painful a position on account of his being a pimp; though I know well there are no sorceries in the world that can move or compel the will as some simple folk fancy, for our will is free, nor is there herb or charm that can force it. All that certain silly women and quacks do is to turn men mad with potions and poisons, pretending that they have power to cause love, for, as I say, it is an impossibility to compel the will.”

If you find these amusing and diverting follow this link and enjoy the story of the love of Camila, Anselmo and Lothario.  The cocktail of beauty and inconstancy mixed with so great an accuracy that it is mind boggling.  Imagine a man so possessed with a madness that he wants to test his diamond under a hammer and anvil.   A diamond all have agreed is the best and the most beauteous of diamonds- yet the madness gives him no repose and he likens it to the madness that drives women to eat clay.