Big Things Ain’t Safe

An anecdote is told of the then three presidents of East Africa taking  a leak at one urinal.  H.E Obote of Uganda was in a conivial spirit with H.E Moi of Kenya. It was all peace and love.  Then H.E Nyerere enters and the chaps shift  and coyness begins to manifest  it self.   Said Nyerere, ” Come on guys we can be free with ourselves…we are all big men.” Replied Obote, ” That may be so but you
have a tendency  of nationalizing big things.”

Sadly, Nyerere and Obote are no longer  with us to validate  this epistle. I was reminded of its lessons when I saw an entourage of Caucasian males doing injustice to what is arguably Africa’s biggest hit on the Youtube social media.  Sitya  loss, as I sip this gin, has garnered 12.7 views and over 57k likes and still counting.  Shortly this will be almost double the total chaps who  voted for the president in the last elections.

Methinks, this Masaka boy has not fully understood his viability  in the now flat world.   He is supposed to ride  this crest  to greater things  but does he know there is  a crest  to rise.  As was once said, ” there is a tide in  the affairs of man which when taken at its peak leads to fortune…”

Unfortunately, social media is more


complex than the proverbial  elephant  the 5 blind  men  tried to demystify.  And ever wo often a new one comes along.  Trying to understand  all its  facets is like trying to simultaneously  pay obeyance to African traditional Gods, Christian  God,  Budha and all other deities in one grand  flash.