A Gem, Hard as Diamond, as Fruity as Myrrh

Elephants in Kidepo national park, UgandaIf you care about beauty and travel and want to resonate with nature in its pure virgin state, no place offers that purity more readily than Kidepo National Park.  Located in the remote North East corner of Uganda- with Sudan on one side, and Kenya on the other this park has proved the be the ideal hideout and Eden for natures creatures.  Your hunt for the big five and innumerable birds will leave you sated but with a longing which will remain with you for a life time – yearning, as it were, to make Kidepo your home.

The terrain in the park is flat with Savannah grasslands, the air saturated with birds of various clime and tribe.   A veritable bird watchers paradise with over 475 recorded species. Many a travel have avowed to return to the seductress that Kidepo is.   To mention but a few species that have found, nay that we have found, Green-winged, Orange-winged and Red-winged Pytilias Yellow-necked Spur fowl, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Kori, Ethiopian Swallow, Fox Kestrel, Singing Bush lark, Stone Partridge, Clapperton’s and Heuglin’s Francolins, Violet-tipped Courser, Black-headed Plover, Abyssinian and Rufous-crowned Rollers, Abyssinian Ground, Four-banded Sand Grouse, Ostrich, Red-winged Lark, African Grey Flycatcher, and many many more.

Is scenic beauty you pot of tea.  Kidepo will spoil you for choice.  Four distinct routes avail their promiscuous selves for the voracious traveler.    Do you choose the Great North Road through the thunderous Karuma falls, kissing ever so lightly the edges of the Murchison Falls National Park, or do you perchance want to witness “Rwot Kidi”  the chief rock and the steep Alekilele Volcanic folds.

28 unique mammals not found in any other national park exist in Kidepo National Park. This including aforementioned big 5 should render your travel pleasurable. Cultural delights are abound as the warrior tribes of the Karamojong, the Acholi, the mysterious Ik – a mountain living tribe provide a rich cocktail of cultural diversity.

The word smith Winston Churchill once said,

“My journey is at an end, the tale is told, and the reader who has followed so faithfully so far has a right to ask what message I bring back. It can be stated in three words: “Concentrate on Uganda”.

But it is alive by itself. It is vital, and in my view, in spite of its insects and its diseases, it ought in the course of time to become the most prosperous of all our East and Central African possessions, and perhaps the “financial driving wheel of all this part of the world”.

My counsel plainly is: Concentrate upon Uganda! Nowhere else in Africa will a little money go so far. Nowhere else will the results be more brilliant, more substantial or more rapidly realized.

Uganda is from end to end one beautiful garden, where the staple food of the people grows almost without labour. Does it not sound like a paradise on earth? “It is the Pearl of Africa”.

Seeing how vast Uganda is one may be tempted to advise the traveler- Concentrate on Kidepo.  There exists a wide range of activities and if you ask for advice drop me correspondence on our facebook or twitter.  Or look for Charis Uganda Safaris.  www.charisugandasafaris.com