Let Children Work as Adults Play

Having spoken at length about getting adults to play we must now, of necessity, turn to the question of getting children to work.  I mean if you have children playing and adults are also playing who will get the work done. Curiosity drove me to check a list of child prodigies. Prodigies are children who have achieved great endeavors in particular field.

There stories are phenomenon and are a clarion call for the adult to expose the children to be able to tap on their creativity and initiative.     A few examples would suffice:

Sunny Sanwar, born in 1989, demonstrated his proficiency in languages at an early age.  By 6 years of age he could speak an matched the number languages he could speak proficiently with his age. He completed high school which ordinary mortals complete in 4 years in 8 months.  By 21 he was lecturing engineering course in the university , si’l vous plait.

Let us not even discuss the case of Arkit Jaswal, born in 1993, who performed surgery at the age of 7 years, or Arfa Kassim who became a Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of 9, since we are stilled befuddled by the case of Taylor Wilson, born 1994, who built a bomb when he was 10 year and made drastic improvements to the nuclear reactor at the age if 16.  The details of the nuclear reactor are beyond the scope of this debate but know that it was astounding.

The examples are many.  The jab in my heart has been stayed by learning of DJ Focus also know as Doe – a Sierra Leone born self taught engineer.  The jab in my heart being caused by rote learning that masks and does not recognize geniuses that dwell within the confines of the African continent.

My second addiction is chess.  And happy was the moment when I met Gary Kasparov one of my heroes in the flesh. Chess according to Gary, is like life.   He wrote a book about it and what a book it was.  When you move a piece from one end it affects and impacts so many scenarios that will lead to a loss a win or a draw.

In chess too we have our greats and prodigies.  Bobby Fisher , that eminent American started playing chess at the age of 6.  At 16 he quit school to become a full time chess player. He played 748 games, won 415, drew 248 and lost 85- a sterling performance by all counts.  The cold war issues at the day compromised his ability to play in some lands.  The instructive thing is that his genius was revealed when he was now 16.  He became a GrandMaster- the dizzy heights of chess.

Boris  Spassky with whom Bobby had an intense rivalry once said, ” I still look at chess with the eyes of a child.”  So there we come to a recommendation that you expose you little ones to creative arts- forget the president’s story that arts do not count.Don Quixote