Great Things Are Done By Series of Small Steps

The great artist Vincent Van Gogh is said to have made that statement. “Great things are made by a group  of small things put together.” This maxim is a reaffirmation of the need to get some things started; however small. At the end of the day the results will typically suprise and awe you. A couple of words make a sentence, sentences make paragraphs, several paragraphs make an article and so on and so forth.


One of my favorite training is team building. I can do it at a drop of the hat without much ado. To witness people who are ordinarily straight-faced and uptight drop their corporate facade and engage in banter, including playing joyously like the little children.

An exercise involving  creating a house using assorted materials: newspapers, duct tape, cards and basically anything  we can lay our hands on meets, always, differing reactions. “Oh, this exercise is a futility, it cannot be done.” Skeptics emerge from all corners and doomsayers; all protesting the impossibility of the endeavor.

When the things  start shaping up, amazing things start happening. The doomsayers and skeptics take ownership of the project. Grabbing the project from the doers with great purpose and bluntness. “Stop,” they will say, “you are going to spoil our thing.” To watch the transformation is always heart rendering and a manifestation of the peculiarity of man.

Man is a peculiar creature; a creature of reason. And in that lies a kink; the ability to be deceived and misled. Throughout the animal kingdom this defect is not obtained. So our greatest asset is also a defect.

By employing our faculties to positives while remaining cognizant  of our kink we can bestride the world.  Great things begin  by a series of small things put together; brick by brick if you will.

The book you are holding is testimony to this. One article at a time. And then, in time,  answer the what next question. Perhaps am sowing seeds of greatness.