Courage; Do not Blink We are going to steal from A Lion.

cropped-owl.jpgThere is an interesting documentary, see Makita, that I watched a couple of years ago. These Masaai warriors went in pursuit of a lion’s hunt. By the good providence they happened on a lion herd of about 15, that had just had a kill of a huge buffalo. The morans wanted the meat, the lions too had began the great feast. In what I have always regarded as a well orchestrated battle of wills the warriors went for the lions’s kill head on. Here the lions were seen to pause and a couple of them blinked; darting away from confronting the red-decked Masai Morans.  They lost a battle of wills.

LESSON 1: If you blink in a confrontation you loose. All team members must stand firm and maintain a common position as the team is as strong as the weakest member.

The Masai having reached the animals, quickly cut of the huge hind leg then beat a retreat.  While they retreated the lions quickly regrouped and commenced and immediately carried off the remaining carcass to a bush further a field.  Even the ones who had retreated strategically came and were welcomed to the feast.

The Masai on their part found themselves in a cave and they roasted at leisure far from the prying eyes of the lions and laughed at how easily they had won the bluff.

LESSON 2: When you fight do not give your enemy cause to pursue you. If they had pressed the victory and left the lions completely hungry am not sure the withdraw would have not been as bloodless as it was. Choose your battle and do not give the enemy cause to wish to annihilate you.

In both scenarios we have witnessed the uniform coherence of the team by the Masai, on the one part and the lions of the other part.  Defence of your team involves knowing which side of the team you are on to prevent unnecessary division and intrigue. Any team that has pockets of weakness will be defeated.

Lesson 3: Team unity is everything

Watching the recent power play between protagonists in the Transitional Democratic Alliance it was clear that one side was one hundred percent united, and another with pockets of extremist, disunited. At critical crests reason was discarded from her sacred stone and the mantra seemed to be; either you give us Besigye or we walk out.  That cannot be, and should not be the spirit under which discussions that are necessary to create an alliance are conducted. A negotiation involves give and take. In deed, the attitude may have created hardliners out of the fence sitters.

Lesson 4: Results matter and we want the baby not the story of labor pains.

After all is said and done we enter the critical stage where it is imperative that our chosen mantle bearers realize that they are stewards and they have been given the holding in trust.  It is incumbent on them to bear the office and responsibility with the weight, bearing and decorum that is incumbent in such high office. At the same time, if it is not too much to ask the people, whose expectation has not been matched with reality, must show good faith and rally around for the common good.

Lesson 6: Not everything is as it seems.

The advent of JPAM in Ug political field is a dawn of a new era. We were convinced he was just a social media phenomenon. The incursion in Eastern Uganda has poured cold water on this; the man has capacity to raise crowds like the best of them can. He talks calmly in the mold of Major General Mugisha Muntu ; and we know he is not a soldier. The man talks calmly and labors on his points which he has reduced to 8, buttressed by a slogan “Goforward.” Whether he is a blackswan only time can tell. For now wait and see.

Lesson 7: The people see what they want to see.

This lesson is self explanatory. Like when the animals of the desert see a giraffe running, its is only the silly ones who will stop to ask whether it is a beast or a wild fire. Run and there will be time enough for fire philosophizing.

Lesson 8: Organization structure is not everything in a game of political cards.

There is a fall out the secretariat. We witness fiefdom fights which may not be entirely healthy.  At this critical historical moment, you do not want to chase rats when your house is on fire. All the belligerents would do well to put first things first. Meanwhile the go forward chap is quietly maneuvering in his strange effective way.

Other lessons are derived from the missive above. Just known that it takes a lot of care to kill the fly that has settled on your cojones. In Scicily, they would have said this needs a Sicilian hand.