What Makes You Tick- Self Mastery!

And so the new year is uponSOA us, and I have agonized and what makes a good and robust way to kick-start our musings. Tired of the humdrum of life or discontent with a status quo many persons start the new year on new high; making self pledges to toe the narrow path which, ostensibly should lead to greater things. Dropping alcohol, or reducing it, quitting smoking, making a budget and adhering to it, planning for a super holiday, starting a new business etc.

All  these are fine inclinations. Notwithstanding, the greatest thing that can be the engine or propellant of the desired state is self mastery. You must be able to be so much in tune with yourself, in your mind, in as much the same way that your shadow is in match with your physical body. The fine understanding and resonance will be the harbinger of great change and great improvements. The things that you are most in charge of are your own body, mind and soul. If you can influence and dominate this then you can seek to conquer other things outside the realm of your axis of control. If you have no control over these the it is really foolhardy to imagine a latent capacity to influence any other.

Key questions to be asked will revolve around what makes you tick?  What can be the lynch pin for greater and a more heroic state of affairs? In my intercourse with the world, what was that critical factor that the world related with.  What was the DNA of my success?  What is my best foot and how can I put my best foot forward?  Failure to answer these questions will be like: “Winking to girls in the dark!” A matter which interested the reader in my book, “Plunging the Depths!”

Kurt Sutter in 2013 to 2014 or thereabout wrote and directed a television series called, “Sons of Anarchy.” The season generally revolves  around a tight knit gang and received universal acclaim from the reviewers. Buoyed by the success of Sons of Anarchy, the writer went to write another series which was supposed to break all previous records, “The Bastard Executioner.”

Lacking in some of the somber bonds and catalyst that spiced SOA, the Bastard Executioner portrayed a  curdling blood lust superseding even that in more devious pirates and scalawags whose preferred choice of acquaintances are hangmen and slaughterers. As such it failed to grip and production has since been stopped. This is the law of understanding yourself in relationship to the other stakeholders.

One is therefore challenged to identify what the variables are and endeavor to accentuate them. When you understand yourself you are in a better state to manage the relationships and interactions with others.  The great leader Jesus Christ could at once tell one group of people to, “Giveth unto Ceasor what belongs to Ceasor.” And on the other hand beat up merchants who were desecrating his Father’s house.

Far be it for me to propose a static and unalterable state of affairs. One ought to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances, changing tastes and preferences. Adaptability is what will aid in staying afloat capricious waters.

Thus as the legendary strategist Sun Tzu succinctly puts, “If you know yourself and you know the enemy you need not be afraid of the result of one thousand battles. If you know yourself and you do not know the enemy, for every battle you win you must loose another. If you do not know yourself and  you do not know the enemy you are a fool.” I can say no more.

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