The Fickleness of (wo) Men

If you have not got the part of the archives where one was determined to make a purchase against the startled and urban resistance of some corporate types, this is the time to go and make that acquaintance with that history, for this is but a continuation. The sales director having proved elusive we had a one on one with a team of chaps who filled me with load of information of the product I sought. They even alluded to the availability of one of the units in the store. “Let us see it,” I asked eagerly.  A phone call was made and it turned out that the stores guy was not available. I started asking myself, who was ever a reliable presence in the company.  Sales Director was as elusive as a virgin on Speke Boulevard, Stores guy was exhibiting a marvelous vanishing act.

_IBA0330Anyhow, in the course of the discussions one of the people mentioned a competitor just down the road. So here I was determined to make a purchase and you have told me of a rival.  There was no way under the sun one was not checking the well spoken of “R.” Made a few well timed internet investigations, called and they were making nice rumblings. As I struggled with some aspects of the project in my cave I saw a strange number calling. A fast talking chap was on line. He was head honcho of the rival company and he wanted to have audience with me at anytime of my choosing. To jump in the jalopy and seek him out was an exercise I executed with the open mindedness of condemned man who has been granted presidential pardon just as the hangman was putting rope on his neck.

The forecourt of these rivals was grand! There was, surprise surprise, a smiling receptionist. We had a tete a tete with the MD;  most delightful chap he was. He assured me of the assistance of an expert to ride with me in the project. Clap, clap, loyalties started shifting; but words do not move stones. I left him with my issues and hoped he would respond in time to enable me to make the decision.  From the MDs office, I was taken to the accounts guy, another good and delightful fellow. He took me to the stores and  I was soon having my moments of truth with the equipment and products I was seeking. I left and headed for Bugoolobi to think things over.

At Bugoolobi, a phone with a strange number came through, it was from the same company. Now  the expert of my project sought to have audience with me at a time of my choosing? I went back without hesitation….I returned with a pledge of support and even training for staff in foreign lands. The story does not end there.

In the course of my internet investigations I had blasted a couple of SOSs far and wide. And so it was not surprising that a “nouvous actus intervenus”  occurred. A gentleman sought my indulgence over an email that he had been forwarded, by some remote chap in Denmark.  Intrigued at the workings of modern commerce I accepted the gentleman to come and we deliberate.At this point in my heart, at least, I was 100% committed to the second chaps. In the meeting, the gentleman displayed a complete understanding of his two competitors but also a remarked mastery of his own self.  He shifted the ground beneath my feet as we spoke.

He carried some marketing brochures but more importantly provided real solutions to some of the gaps that were plaguing my plan. What he could not deliver he promised to recommend competent third party.  He was unassuming and straight forward.  Long story short, my wallet will be split between the last two gentlemen.

In this fiercely competing setting its foolhardy to put any step but the best. The client has access to a huge database of information that he can obtain at the click of the button. He or she can make, very rapidly, cross company comparisons, collate alternative offers, access better service just by walking down the road. If you want to risk your goods being sold better up the game. There is nothing as fickle as the customer and they know what is good for them.  Oh and the third chap is coming to see me this afternoon, he says he has something that will interest me.