Yesterday Ugandans from A to Z made a convocation at the Panamera bar to attempt to raise money to save Atuhirwe Caro from the malady cancer. The teaming masses included our good Retired Colonel Dr Kiiza Besigye, H.E Bobi Wine, Salvador and several Kampalan Celebrities.

Their good efforts yielded 53 Mn shillings which is part of the much needed 270 Mn to have Caro have an operation in order that she might be saved.

The malady of cancer has increased of late and hardly a week goes by without another falling prey to this deadly agent of the grim reaper.  In the mean time even from the comfort of your bed or couch you can save Caro. In the pink picture there is a mobile number 0784168178 and Equity bank account number.  #LETUSSAVECARO