Determined To Buy (Part 3)…Believe it or not

Bella Parole non poscono i gelati. “Good words do not feed the pussy!” Readers who have walked with me in my trials anCertificate of Incompetenced tribulations know that I have been persistently consistent, in my expressed wishes to  purchase a certain good and service.  I have contacted suppliers and vetted potential suppliers.

The readers walked with me through the trials and tribulations. The winced at the hard blows i suffered at hard resolution of the sellers who exercised unparalleled reluctance to sell. They prayed that hard hearts of the reluctant sellers is turned and that I have, by the mercies of the most high, obtained the buying rights of what I seek.  Double your prayers!  Its one month now and am yet to get my invoice! Am about to get disillusioned and disgruntled.

I have walked into the office of the most ranking in the office. He has fed me on rich Arabica coffee and choice pastries! He has called me Bwana, comrade, and brother!  He has presented his offerings  and like a gecko I have nodded approval at every stage. Still the quote has proved elusive. The dear reader might get a mistaken and erroneous view that the seller does not have the goods I seek; perish that thought! For I was taken into the warehouse and I touched and caressed the merchandise with my own two hands.

This reminds me of the tumultuous love affair of Josephine and Le Petit General Napoleone and the hard earned certificate of incompetence  by Hon Peter Nyombi. Let us plunge briefly into the matters if these Peter and Josephine and make of it what we will.

This Napoleone was enamored by Josephine and when she discovered him she gave him no endless heartaches. The heartless Joe one time commented, “My Husband does not love me, he adores me. I believe he will run mad!” And true the General almost run mad until he wrested the last energies from his bosom and  divorced her in 1796. She knew his most intimate fears and desires which she kept capturing in short letters and notes, whose purpose am yet to get. When he was abdicating she again made some correspondence, “he is abdicating, I am in a daze and have horrible anxieties!”

In a book by Robert Greene, Seduction, a lot is spoken by that kind of woman who takes you in such violent seas of emotion. Who having once held the reins of your heart perfects her art of puppetry and with unkind and capricious style torments the swain and soothes him at the same time. Burns him with her passion and burns him with a cold winter of heart when it suits her. It cannot escape my officious observation that she plays with the Napoleon in one part making a cocktail at once of madness and love, only when the cards have fallen is there the completeness if sorrow in the abdication.

On the matter of the certificate of Incompetence dear reader, the Honourable Peter kept reading the law upside down. Even his patron was at times forced to stifle a laugh at his interpretations which was at variance and at parallel with commonsense. It has been said, by Muzee Mukasa, no one can fight a battle against commonsense and win. Which bring me to the question on whether the certificate is renewable and if, more importantly, I can purchase some certificates for my reluctant sellers.

Drop me a line and we discuss these things. As the Ugandadese say….Well done