Elephants as Neighbours

The continual incursion of human beings attendant by a bulging population, a high fertility rate on animal grazing grounds engender and create ripe potential for conflict. People dwelling in close proximity in the parks: the magnificent Murchision Falls, the immaculate Queen Elizabeth, and incredible Kidepo have had to have close brushes with these huge giants of beasts.

In Kasese, due to the frequency of visitation by one of the brutes an easy calm has been maintained. He strides and manifests a causal inspection of the individuals before going back to the park for other duties. Kasese people are not very comfortable with these uneasy truce and have continued to seek for ways to get rid of the animal.

In Amuru, the problem manifest itself with loss of food crop when the neighbor visits. Recently the President Museveni advised introduction of yet another species; the bee, of one wanted to reduce incursions of the beast. I have taken this lesson to heart and will soon test if it is made from firm basis. 

I saw in Queen Elizabeth a sad case  of a chap who had the entire lower jaw removed by such a beast. I asked my self in vain what he might have done to merit such a punishment for its a known and established fact that elephants do not forget easily.

They also have an uncanny behavior of mourning their deceased with real tears. Apparently, they have human feeling. The elephants also show other variants of human feeling, including communication by code. They have capacity of communication over a range of 10 Km. Celebrations and fondness for right company and friends, love and anger.

They are currently the largest land mammal and we should do our part to conserve and protect them. Do not wear Ivory.