Par, Fore, Handicapped and choice Swear words

And so after much cajoling I found myself on the links. Previously tutored by well meaning chaps like P.G Wodehouse one was in eager anticipation of learning new choice words on the links. The lessons were to be learned from the head to head contests between four chaps with as divergent a style as winter is from summer.

One chap had a lovely drive, despite his handicapped of 28 and other with a handicap of 24 had the most offish style; lacking in symmetry and orderlines; he made his shoulder into a hump, teed in a lackadaisical and careless demeanour, and regaled the company with his wit along the fabled 18, nay 19 hole sour journey. What he lacked in style he made up for by consistent play; hacking his ball and ensuring it stayed on course.

Golf is an amazing sport. In golf is combined several other diverting activities: bird watching, forest trekking, and team work as golfer and caddie plot to sink the ball. Golf involves strategy and managing difficult situations, what must one do when in a hazard? How do you make good decisions to outwit you opponent? How do you manage the wind? 

In the second contest, both players were alright with their strokes. The difference only in demeanour and world outlook. One lean chap suffered only Rex cigarettes between his mouth and words could not be cajoled easily out of him. It looked like his tactic of focused devotion was paying off and soon he was 4 strokes ahead. 

The gods of golf are a naughty kind. We witnessed such conviviality when she swooped and carted the four stroke guys ball and placed it putt betwixt a root of a tree. Ten strokes and one more was needed to get out of the roots! Ten strokes! And that was how the lead was dropped. 

Choice words a much need vent for the vagaries of the god’s of golf.