After months of preparation we gathered to witness the Christian union of Geria and Irina Ivova; Mrs Geria as she now is. The union was sparked, according to the groom, by a chance duty as he attended to some menial tasks at the convention. We were treated to a vast display of energy and passionate emotions in the speeches and the thought that went to put the event together.

We listened to love songs in Russia and the place of the French as the Mecca of love was put into serious doubt. Even without understanding the singers words, the heart felt the resonance and echo of love in his voice; as perchance he sought the hand of the woman he loved. Begging and entreating her to ensnare him within the confines of her heart.

Love is a rummy thing.

And then as usual the party spoiler were teaming in their number. Under a suspicious decree it seems they deemed that when they want to go home everybody must go home! They clouded their mischief on the Church. Am not very well versed with the ordinance of church, but be that as it may, as soon as we saw their departure the party started afresh and Armageddon did not revisit.

In the course of the narrative Mr Draville explained for once the mystery behind the name Geria. It means one who was born on the road.  He was born en-route to the hospital; which explains a young man in a hurry to do what must be done. Congratulations my friend and may you passionate bride remain the light of your life! God Bless the both of you.