Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Marketing and a Doubting Pajulean

Apparently, a chap going by the name Ponzi hatched an ingenious way of making money. You are recruited into buy a good or service train; as you buy a portion of money is cut and given to another chap. You then recruit others and many and there is a rummy cut and share arrangement which is to build into real money; wealth of avarice.
I care little for the numbers for am all too aware if it looks like a con, smells like s con, it must be a con! It was Adam Smith’s dictum that has cemented my cardinal dealing with humanity, ” it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the baker and the brewer that we owe our dinner; but for their regard for their own self interest!” In short there is no free lunch; self advancement must be propelled on the oil of ones sweat blood and tears; with energy, cunning and unbeatable resolve. Having defined the goal relentlessly pursue it; pausing only a while to wipe the blood sweat and tears.

This falls neatly in the anecdote of the chap who went to a village which was living in terror of monkeys. They, the monkeys, teased women, stole crop and made life a misery for the village folk.

The genial man proposed to buy monkeys from the villagers at 5USd. He promptly paid for these monkeys and kept in a big cage behind his rented house. Soon however, monkeys became fewer and harder to catch and the villagers left looking for monkeys to tend to other matters. 

The genial man increased the monkey price to 20 USD. The village went back to hunting monkeys and the stock in the cage grew. Soon however the monkeys were so few that the 20USd did not seem worth it. So the chap went to their ways.

The genial man said he would now pay 50USD per monkey. He had some urgent business to attend in town but he would leave his trusted assistant to collect the monkeys. Before the man had disappeared the trusted assistant told the villagers that instead of breaking limb they should buy monkeys from him at 35 USD on cash basis and sell to the genial man for 50 USD. 

You know how the story ends don’t you? That my dear fellow is how Ponzi schemes work. Good day.