RIP Field Marshal Oketa

Posterity will confirm on Major General Oketa the rank of 5 Star General. The gentleman, and I use this word consciously, negotiated never out of fear but rather deep seated conviction and cognisant of the common good.

The president has been brief in his narrative of how Major General joined the NRA. May be there are reasons for that. Many will remember a tough standoff at the Masaka barracks as the NRM was matching to Kampala. Then a Lieutenant mounted a stiff resistance…only siege and complete cut off of the communication lines could break the resolve of the men under the command of the Afande Julius. 

Having been recruited into NRM he fought resiliently at the famous battle of Corner Kilak defending the state against forces of Lakwena and others. Afande fought against EBola and won…he was now posited to fight against poverty. The foundation he set should give us the courage to finish what he started. 

Rest in peace Comrade.. brother, Friend and patriot! Till we meet again aurevoir.