Value Added and Value Creation; lessons from Chef

Lately I have been taking more than a cursory interest in food TV shows; where chef on the edge of madness strive to take food to the next level. In the process propelling them to great heights as celebrities with great.economic rewards. I have seen and watched appprentice cooks pushed to great extremes to transform ordinary ingredients into amazing dishes, elevated and respected.

Then there is the whole matter of plating or “mise end place” putting everything in place. It takes a whole meal into an art form. The lessons involving leadership, passion, teamwork, creativity and customer satisfaction are the pillars of the culinary arts.  Tell me which one does not apply to your organization.

Behind all this rush and bustle there is a process, a line and a pass plus clear roles for all the players inna high end diner.

But all those are matters for another day. What I wanted to highlight was the value addition; in these TV shows are the chefs selling food or selling entertainment? For the costs of the plate might not bring the jets and the limos but the entrance of TV did. The TV is value addition and for that they get paid top dollar.

Think about it from a potato, a coffee grown in KASESE Ruwenzori Mountains, through the millers until its brought on screen to be appreciated by billions across the globe. How far can you go with value addition? When you figure that out send me the thank you cheque. Arrevedici.