Ruling the world and what is M7 smoking.

We have heard and read stories of great conquests. How this Mongolian chap captured vast territories and Napoleon too with great desires to conquer Russia which proved difficult to swallow and he met his water loo.

The communist China today is very bsuy doing capitalist things and is the major trading partner of several African countries. Business in China is fast paced, dynamic and you blink u miss. 

I had an engagement with a Chinese  chap and within five minutes a bond had been formed; enough for him to ask if I was ready to sign up for a multi million USD deal. In order to sign my Ugandan partners needed to give me an OK. A quick call and I was instructed to first return to Uganda and discuss. Its three years and we are still discussing. Stuck in the impasse of Government etuyambe.

The new world order favours the quick. People who are dynamic and embrace ambiguity. People with the ability to chew gum while juggling conflicting balls in the air. The race belongs to the swift.

Since December we have been suffering holiday hangover. The lethargy in Government offices and an I don’t care attitude; how shall we become a middle income country.  While the goal is laudable the weakest link is the human resources… Attitudes, attitudes attitudes! What is M7 smoking to have confidence in such a hopless lot!