Customer harrasment 

This is a personal rant from our banana republic. Consider a reasonable  person who on his own volition goes to super market, and an undesirable assistant emerges demanding to help you, the hungry voyager stops at Namawojjolo to purchase roast chicken and these chaps thrust all strange pieces in your face; stampeding you choice and jeopardising free will.

This is a marked difference from a certain meat selling rendezvous where after paying a fixed fee you eat until you voluntarily tilt the Gorilla to signify satisfaction. When the gorilla is seated upright the waiters will, wait on you, works without end; the seated gorilla cheering them on, as if, with whistles and enthusiastic gesticulation.

I do not like shopping. Having once coaxed myself into a shop my preference is individual recklessness not hurried or spurred on by obnoxious strangers. I mean there is pressure enough by the tricks attendant to product positioning. We ought not to bring prostitute’s ethics in buyers space.