Of leaders who are God

The recent utterances by the chief whip of the NRM, Honorable Ruth Nankabirwa on the nearness of H.E General Yoweri kaguta Museveni Ruhemarwenjura Tibahurwa (Damu medal) is neither new nor smacking or originality. Long ago before the birth of the good general leaders were revered as God!

Let us start with Egypt. The Pharaoh’s were, when the veil is removed, deputy god. They acted as a bridge between the people and god; they were intermediaries. Indeed they were so exalted that they held three titles: The Horus, The Nesu Bety and the Nebty name. It was necessary later to add the titles Golden Horus to better illuminate the esteem in which we held these gods.

They provided administration, determined location of the temple and collected taxes. He alone bore responsibility for Maat; which is Egyptian speak for justice and balance. When they died it was necessary that some people be buried with them to make life easier for them in the afterlife. I was about to ask the Honorable Ruth what you were thinking but let me leave it as idle speculation.

Continue with this empirical and irrefutable research we can seek knowledge in the land of the sun; Japan. From 645 BC up to the year 1945, where the mischief of Hirohito, we had gods for emperors! Hirohito clearly was not visionary, and so now we have ordinary men ruling Japan.

I can bring more evidence from  Ceaser, Romulus and Remus; who was deified as the god Quirnus and make all the doubting Thomases believed this verified episode. But for all your mischief, and adage that those are examples foreign to Africa, I will stop with the unparalleled example of General Mobutu Sese seko  Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga. (The cock that leaves no chicken untouched) This was the leopard king who held dominion in Zaire, as it then was.

Everyday he would emerge, godlike, from the clouds to the long suffering Zaire people. He brooked no dissent and his word was law.  In an election where only Mobutu was allowed to run he scored 98.3%. According to official figures he scored 10,136,699 against 157. He ruled Zaire for over 30 years.

I think his godly powers waned or something otherwise he would still be the great leader of Zaire. As I said the notion of god kings is neither new or original. Long live the god leaders!!